Water & land Management

Water and land Management

India is an agrarian country, where mostly rain fed farming is practised. Due to climate change and exploitation of ground water, water scarcity is increasing that is affecting the ecosystem. Continuous felling of trees is causing soil erosion and deteriorating ecological balance. Only 8% of the rain water is being conserved in the entire country though the livelihood of half of India’s population depends on rainwater. Due to these factors the rural population is in the grip of continuous economic crisis.
Parmarth is addressing these issues in a holistic and participatory manner to reduce the impacts on the ecosystem.

Our Interventions

Parmarth is mainly focusing on increasing water literacy in the community, increasing ground water level, reviving Chandeli-Bundeli ponds and rejuvenation of rivers so that the pressure on the ecosystem can be reduced. Our interventions are as follow:-



  • 10000+ People trained in water conservation
  • 110+ Chandeli- Bundeli tank revive
  • 300+ Water Security plan Prepared & Implemented
  • 2000+ Water Structure Constructed & Repairing
  • 17+ billion Liter water save per year
  • 10000+ Hectare increase irrigation Capacity
  • 4 rivers working for rejuvenation


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