Health, Sanitation and Nutrition

Health, Sanitation and Nutrition

Nutrition and health are the major concerns of rural communities in India. Poor health and malnutrition jeopardise the progress of a society. Rural community in India is facing lack of proper nutrition, safe drinking water and sanitation. One fourth of the population in India have no access to safe or treated drinking water, due to which water borne diseases are affecting their health. Open defecation especially in rural areas is another big challenge. Under government’s flagship programme  Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) toilets are being constructed on mass scale, still open defection is still being practised. Due to lack of proper nutrition 50% pregnant women and 59% young children are anaemic.


Our Interventions

Right to health is a fundamental right under Article 21 of Indian Constitution. The objective of Parmarth is to improve access to quality health services, safe drinking water, sanitation services and proper nutrition so that the communities can be benefited. Through various interventions Parmarth is trying to improvise the nutrition, health and safe water conditions of the communities.



  • 180+ Village Community Behaviour Change
  • 150 Village drinking water & Sanitation plan Prepared
  • 2000+ Kitchen Garden Established
  • 1000+ Toilet Construction With convergence
  • 1000+ Nutrition Kit Distributed
  • 100+ Village on ensuring access quality drinking water
  • 100+ Health & Nutrition Camp


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